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“Modern design and relax”- Irvine, CA

City: Irvine, CA
Project type: Remodel
Room(s): Master bathroom

This master bathroom combines unique, modern design with a relaxing atmosphere. The space is dominated by whites and grays, with an oak vanity and wood elements adding warmth and coziness.

The standout feature is a big double sink oak vanity, surrounded by the same wood, making it feel like a separate, focal space. The minimalist vanity design includes push-to-open drawers, offering plenty of storage. A thick marble countertop in warm gray tones balances the minimalist design, with the marble extending up to the backsplash and used as baseboards for an unconventional touch.

A huge, LED-lit mirror enhances the minimalist look and visually enlarges the bathroom. The shower door features a black metal frame for contrast, with reeded glass adding an interesting, unique aesthetic and extra privacy. A long shower niche provides lots of storage for shampoos and shower gels, with built-in LED lighting for ambient, relaxing showers.

The freestanding bathtub is ideal for unwinding, offering a luxurious spot to relax. This design blends functionality with modern, warm, and inviting elements, creating a truly unique bathroom space.

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